Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Folktale from Borneo


By Endang Firdaus

Laiamon was the daughter of Dayak chief. One day, she went to the river to take a bath. She was swimming when a crocodile held her leg.
“Oh, please don’t eat me!” cried Laiamon.
“Hohoho!” laughed the crocodile. “I won’t let you go. I like eating pretty girls very much.”
Laiamon was a clever girl. She then said, “My father is a chief. He is a rich man. He will give you anything you want if you free me.”
“Is it right?” asked the crocodile.
“Ok,” said the crocodile. “Tell your father to give me a baby to eat every day.”
The crocodile let Laiamon go. Quickly Laiamon swam to the river bank and went home. She told what she had experienced to her father. Her father then called his people to discuss about the crocodile had asked.
The next day, the chief and his people went to the river. They brought a pig for the crocodile.
“Good morning, Crocodile,” said the chief.
“Do you bring a baby for me?” asked the crocodile.
“We have no babies in the village,” said the chief. “We can only give you a pig this time.”
“Don’t lie to me!”
“Of course not. Later if there is a baby in the village, we will bring it to you. Now, please take this pig.”
“All right.”
The chief threw the pig into the river. The crocodile quickly ate the pig. “Hmm, it’s very delicious!” said the crocodile. Not long after that, this creature’s stomach ached. It moaned and groaned. Then it died.
“Father, how did you kill the crocodile?” asked Laiamon.
“We have filled the pig with poison,” said the chief. “This creature had killed many people. I’m proud of you, Laiamon. You could get away from the crocodile. Remember my daughter, if you are brave, you can beat evil things.”

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